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Lighten up on your tech

Din realized how many times I was shorting Nasdaq until I was taking stock at the end of the week. The technical configuration on US tech is extremely negative, on a scale of 1-10 is 0.

Last night the Nasdaq gave up almost all it’s intra day gains of 1+% to barely register a positive outcome which is more symbolic than substantive. Will look to short the index in the coming week.



JC Penny

JCP has been severely oversold over the past 30 days. Early morning action has drawn me back into the counter. Went in long twice for a short term trade. As a big picture person I was never into the details like the brokerage, thinking that it is just a slight road bump on the autobahn of trading. To my dismay, I found that I’ve been charged $124 for 5,000 shares each way! Which means $500 over the course of 2 trades and 15 mins!